If you haven’t noticed, I have only posted one story since making this blog. The reasons for the delay are numerous; however, this current delay is due to the fact that I am writing a book. Yes, that is correct, a full novel. At the moment I am nearing 30,000 words written of the first draft. I hope to have the 1st draft completed by the end of August. When my novel is done I will attempt to publish it. If, after some months of trying, I am having little luck selling my book then I will probably post the story in its entirety here chapter by chapter. In the meantime, I hope to finish up some short stories to post. I will also post snippets from my book from time to time. At the very least, I will continue posting book reviews hopefully at least once a week. Thanks, and God bless!

As a side note, if you enjoy reading my stories (unfortunately only story at this point) and/or my book reviews, make sure you spread the word!


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