Movie Review — The Dark Knight Rises


It all started with a lie – and there is something about a lie that just doesn’t go away. A lie grow with time and build an alliance with the passing days. A lie has the ability to rule an individual, a relationship of individuals, or even a whole city; as it does, the city of Gotham. At the end of The Dark Knight, what was considered at the time to be the greatest superhero film ever created, a lie is formed by Jim Gordon and Batman himself. The caped crusader takes the fall for acts of murder committed by Harvey Dent, Gotham City’s District Attorney. The city now hates its true hero but has found a way to, apparently, live comfortably and rise out of the corruption that had defined it. But all this was based on a lie. And this lie is about to bring a storm. Enter the third installment of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises begins with a lie but takes the viewer to some earth shattering truths. Listing them all here would be impossible. The number one truth this film brings us is this: Batman Begins is good – no, great. The Dark Knight is better. The Dark Knight Rises is best.

Every component of Nolan’s latest Batman film is better than its predecessors; the story, the writing, the score, the special effects, and even the acting. Although Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was legendary, so is the acting of all of the key characters in Rises. Michael Cain and Tom Hardy both deserve a shot at best supporting actor at the Academy Awards. Anne Hathaway could easily steal Best Supporting Actress. And Christian Bale should also receive a good look for Best Actor

The story behind the newest superhero film is the best creation ever for the comic book film genre. Our favorite characters are stretched – and at times past the point of breaking – to new limits. If the viewer doesn’t feel the emotions of this film then a heart transplant is most certainly needed. Further, this film is just downright powerful and full of spiritual metaphors. The script is simply a work of genius. While most superhero films keep their plot simple, Nolan weaves together a deep and thematic story that is nothing short of a beautiful masterpiece.

To call The Dark Knight Rises the best superhero film ever made would be absolutely insulting. This film deserves to be considered among the best films ever without limit to genre. From my own perspective, I have never left a theater with a more positive reaction to a film. It will be a downright tragedy if Rises does not win the Academy Award for Best Picture and if it doesn’t, then no superhero film ever will.

Christopher Nolan has managed to craft the first great superhero trilogy and one of the best trilogies ever made (arguably better than the original Star Wars trilogy as well as The Lord of the Rings). This film is not your average superhero flick, this is a work of art. To call it anything less would be completely deceiving and in all honesty, a lie.

Content: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language

To conclude my review I would like to express my condolences to the victims of the Colorado shooting and their families. What happened that night was an absolute tragedy that will not be forgotten. Even though I feel that this film was arguably the greatest ever made, it doesn’t really matter when you consider what happened. The events in that theater put things in perspective and showed us what is really important. I will be keeping the families of the victims and those still recovering in my prayers. God bless.


One response to “Movie Review — The Dark Knight Rises

  • David H. Schleicher

    Hmmmmm….in the sense that it brought about complete closure to the trilogy in a wholly satisfying way – you maybe right in calling this the best of the three Nolan Batman films. And you’re right – everyone upped their game here from Nolan to the production crew to the actors – though I think you are a little bit hyperbolic when you suggest the cast is due some awards. Don’t get me wrong – they were good – but Ledger was legendary and I don’t think these folks were award-worthy (though it wouldn’t surprise me if Caine got a sympathy-for-the-old-man nod). Everything else about the film, though, is worthy of any awards that might come its way. For me, though, it’s still a toss-up between all three (with The Dark Knight still having an edge) – only time and repeat views will be the final judge. The films work wonderfully together as a cohesive whole. Here are some more of my thoughts –

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