Well, August is over and we are beginning another month. This past month was a successful month for “Where the Shadows Lie” as more posts were added and page views increased significantly – particularly in the second half of the month. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete a new short story that was planned. I will try to get another story out this month. My book reviews will be a bit more scattered for the next few months as I am now back in school and don’t have as much time for pleasure reading as I have had for the summer. However, I may decide to write some book review’s on some of the texts that I read (all non-fiction).

As far as my novel A Ghost in the Night goes, I was unable to complete the rough draft by the start of school. However, I am very close to completing it and should be easily done with it by the end of the month. My overall schedule for completing the book (not just the rough draft but completing it) looks a bit like this: Whatever I have completed in December will be handed to my girlfriend. She will read it and tell me what she likes and doesn’t like. I will then work more on it and clean it up even more. I hope that by the time May rolls around I can give it to several other friends to get feedback. From there, I will attempt to get the book edited and proof read. I will then be seeking publication. I will give the book about a year to be published and if that does not happen then I will post it chapter by chapter right here on “Where the Shadows Lie”.


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