Update on my debut novel: A Ghost in the Night

A Ghost in the Night Promo

Some of you may know that I have been working on my first novel, A Ghost in the Night, for some time. I even completed a full draft of the work a little less than a year ago. With other projects such as my novella, Beggars, as well as completing my senior year of college, the title has been on the shelf for some time now. This does not mean that I have not made significant progress on it.

Beyond the business of my schedule, there is another reason for the delay: I have decided to take the work in a very different direction. One thing that I realized in drafting my first novel is that my original outline involved a story that was quite simply getting away from me. So, though I have not had to start from scratch, I have made some serious changes. This will result in not only a more cohesive story than was originally outlined, but unarguably the strongest story that I have ever crafted. Unfortunately, this revamping has caused very serious delays.

Yet, I am not one to just not finish something that I have started.

The next months will surely be busy as I recently have become engaged and will marry the love of my life in September; however, I hope to have my first novel completed and published on Amazon Kindle…this August!

One more thing to note: For those of you who have read my work, one thing that you may have noticed is the diversity of it. I have written works such as Beggars and the short story “The Incident” that are drama pieces. I have also written the short story “Flashes Before your Eyes” which is a sci-fi drama as well as the fantasy work, “Lord of Peasants”. So, I want to make it clear that A Ghost in the Night will be very stylistically different from my other works. While, thematically, there will be strong connections to previous stories, the tone will be much darker and the story, though grounded in gritty realism, will involve some fantastical elements.


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