I’m Back

1616449_10152554142953332_844687268_nI can’t help but wonder as I type this if anyone in the blogosphere will remember me. It has, after all, been six months since I last posted anything. It would not surprise me at all if those following this blog have completely forgotten about Where the Shadows Lie.

If that is the case; well, I have a lot of work to do to rise out of obscurity and regain a following. But first, let me share a bit about my journey and why I have been absent from the blogging world that I miss so much.

I remember sharing before I fell off the face of the Earth that I was getting married so I would not be blogging during the honeymoon. Well, I did in fact get married to the girl of my dreams and we are very happy together. Yet, I did not return to blogging, as promised. There are a few reasons for this: (1) My wife and I could not afford internet service so it was difficult to get online enough to blog. (2) Being a newlywed, blogging was not nearly has high on my priority list. (3) Right after getting back from the honeymoon, I began to enter into discussions about a new ministry position.

This leads me to the next major step of my journey: I am now the senior pastor at Vale Church of the Nazarene in Vale, Oregon. Yep, not even two months after being married my wife and I packed our bags and moved an hour away to a little town in Eastern Oregon. I would not have considered a senior pastor position right out of school under ordinary circumstances; however, it is a very unique position that I am in. Ontario Church of the Nazarene (in Ontario, Oregon — about 15 minutes from Vale) is a much larger church and decided to “adopt” the church in Vale to help keep the doors open. So, although I am the lead pastor in Vale, I am simultaneously on staff at Ontario Naz and their senior pastor and board oversee my work.

Honestly, it is about as ideal of a situation as I could think of for a young pastor just out of school looking for his first position.

My wife and I have now been in Vale for three months and we are excited to see this church grow. I am learning a lot about life and ministry and now that we are getting settled here in Vale, I could not be more excited about rejoining the blogging world.

For the first time since being married, I now have regular access to internet so I hope to make posts weekly and be as involved in the blogosphere as I was before falling off the map.

So, regardless of whether or not you remember me, I am looking forward to once again sharing my thoughts and stories with you (I have more now than ever!). I hope to finally finish my “Apology” series with “Why I Still Believe” (Because yes, I most certainly do still believe in Jesus Christ my Lord!) Once that series is over, I plan on sharing my sermons with you as I work on turning my manuscripts into blog posts. I am also looking forward to using this as a place to share all of the exciting stories that are happening here at Vale Church of the Nazarene and any other stories I come up with as I follow my savior into the lands of shadow.

P.S. Several months back, I did some promoting for a book that I hoped to release earlier this month. With all the life changes that have happened, I ultimately had to shelf that project (again). I hope to announce a book release sometime over the next month.

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