New Project

It would appear as if I have once again fallen off the face of the Earth — seeing as I have failed to post in over three months. Despite my noblest intentions, pastoring, married life, and life in general have distracted me from my passion for writing. This has not entirely been a bad thing as those things will always take priority over my favorite hobby. That being said, I am finally falling into a new routine that leaves room for me to put words to the page.

Thus, I should once again be blogging regularly as soon as next week.

Yet, I will also be working extensively on my debut novel (previously entitled: A Ghost in the Night, currently: untitled). This is a story that I have been desperately working on since the summer of 2011. I originally intended the work to be released this last January; however, between getting married and taking on my first pastoral assignment, delays obviously occurred. The story has once again taken on a life of its own and so I am needing to reign it in one last time.

I hope to have a release date within a month as I begin to redraft.

As for now, I hope to have a new blog post up next week and at least one every Monday from then on out.


God bless!


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