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Changing Things Up

Before today, it had been over a year since I had logged in to WordPress. Life is busy and priorities change. Anyway, I now intend on returning to the world of blogging but things will look a little different than in the past. So, here is how Where the Shadows Lie is going to look:

  1. Within the next couple of weeks, I will start a new series entitled “Monday Morning Sermons” where I will be posting my sermon manuscripts in the form of blog entries. These will be my only regular posts.
  2. As I write various short stories, I will share them here.
  3. I will still post my opinion on various matters though there will be no regularity to this.

Most of my writing time these days is dedicated to working on my first novel. I’ve been working on this thing since 2011 but there is still a lot of work left to do.

I will also be posting book and movie reviews quite regularly on a second blog that you can find here.

So that’s the plan. We’ll see how it works out.


New Project

It would appear as if I have once again fallen off the face of the Earth — seeing as I have failed to post in over three months. Despite my noblest intentions, pastoring, married life, and life in general have distracted me from my passion for writing. This has not entirely been a bad thing as those things will always take priority over my favorite hobby. That being said, I am finally falling into a new routine that leaves room for me to put words to the page.

Thus, I should once again be blogging regularly as soon as next week.

Yet, I will also be working extensively on my debut novel (previously entitled: A Ghost in the Night, currently: untitled). This is a story that I have been desperately working on since the summer of 2011. I originally intended the work to be released this last January; however, between getting married and taking on my first pastoral assignment, delays obviously occurred. The story has once again taken on a life of its own and so I am needing to reign it in one last time.

I hope to have a release date within a month as I begin to redraft.

As for now, I hope to have a new blog post up next week and at least one every Monday from then on out.


God bless!

I’m Back

1616449_10152554142953332_844687268_nI can’t help but wonder as I type this if anyone in the blogosphere will remember me. It has, after all, been six months since I last posted anything. It would not surprise me at all if those following this blog have completely forgotten about Where the Shadows Lie.

If that is the case; well, I have a lot of work to do to rise out of obscurity and regain a following. But first, let me share a bit about my journey and why I have been absent from the blogging world that I miss so much.

I remember sharing before I fell off the face of the Earth that I was getting married so I would not be blogging during the honeymoon. Well, I did in fact get married to the girl of my dreams and we are very happy together. Yet, I did not return to blogging, as promised. There are a few reasons for this: (1) My wife and I could not afford internet service so it was difficult to get online enough to blog. (2) Being a newlywed, blogging was not nearly has high on my priority list. (3) Right after getting back from the honeymoon, I began to enter into discussions about a new ministry position.

This leads me to the next major step of my journey: I am now the senior pastor at Vale Church of the Nazarene in Vale, Oregon. Yep, not even two months after being married my wife and I packed our bags and moved an hour away to a little town in Eastern Oregon. I would not have considered a senior pastor position right out of school under ordinary circumstances; however, it is a very unique position that I am in. Ontario Church of the Nazarene (in Ontario, Oregon — about 15 minutes from Vale) is a much larger church and decided to “adopt” the church in Vale to help keep the doors open. So, although I am the lead pastor in Vale, I am simultaneously on staff at Ontario Naz and their senior pastor and board oversee my work.

Honestly, it is about as ideal of a situation as I could think of for a young pastor just out of school looking for his first position.

My wife and I have now been in Vale for three months and we are excited to see this church grow. I am learning a lot about life and ministry and now that we are getting settled here in Vale, I could not be more excited about rejoining the blogging world.

For the first time since being married, I now have regular access to internet so I hope to make posts weekly and be as involved in the blogosphere as I was before falling off the map.

So, regardless of whether or not you remember me, I am looking forward to once again sharing my thoughts and stories with you (I have more now than ever!). I hope to finally finish my “Apology” series with “Why I Still Believe” (Because yes, I most certainly do still believe in Jesus Christ my Lord!) Once that series is over, I plan on sharing my sermons with you as I work on turning my manuscripts into blog posts. I am also looking forward to using this as a place to share all of the exciting stories that are happening here at Vale Church of the Nazarene and any other stories I come up with as I follow my savior into the lands of shadow.

P.S. Several months back, I did some promoting for a book that I hoped to release earlier this month. With all the life changes that have happened, I ultimately had to shelf that project (again). I hope to announce a book release sometime over the next month.


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